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Our Story

Founded in 2012, Lana's Loft started in a third floor walk-up as a clothing design studio and alteration shop. The space was beautiful and huge! It was actually too big for my needs but the rent was cheap. Slowly, I began selling a small collection of clothing and accessories in all that extra unused space. My daughter Chloe joined me later that year when the business became too busy for me to handle on my own. For three years we grew our customer base, difficult as it was, getting people to climb "the stairway to heaven" as we called it.  But we met our sales goals and were able to snag a great store front (ground floor!) in 2015. Granted, the store needed a lot of work, but we managed to transform it into the beautiful boutique we have today.

The ultimate goal of Lana's Loft has always been to dress REAL women. As a local mother/daughter team we strive to offer products in a wide range of styles, sizes and price ranges so that there's something for every woman who enters our store. Our dedicated sales team is here to help you find that perfect outfit for your casual or dressy occasion.

We consider our job a success when you come back to us with pictures and tell us of the endless compliments you've received on your Lana's Loft purchases.  That's what keeps us going and why we love doing what we do for our wonderful Rockaway community.

Because of the Covid19 virus, we had to shut down our brick and mortar for a while. Perhaps a blessing in disguise, as we have now opened an online store, which is a project we have been wanting to do for a long time. Now 90% of what we sell in-store is now offered online as well. We are constantly striving to discover new and unique offerings and also hoping to make our own right here in Rockaway Beach. So stay tuned, there are more surprises to come!